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There are various ways you can become involved with MassOpera! You can make donation to help support our performances, educational outreach, community engagement, and artist development programming. You can sponsor one of our various performances or events. You can also volunteer with the organization based on your availability and skill-set.

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MassOpera cultivates experiences for artists and audiences that challenge the status quo and reflect our diverse community.

We launched The MassOpera Annual Fund in December 2019 to help this great company sustain and grow for years to come.   The MassOpera Annual Fund provides unrestricted funding to pay our artists and administrative staff, to invest in technology and organizational infrastructure, and to underwrite groundbreaking new work, such as the current development of Caravana de mujeres, a new opera in development that we presented new selections from at our MassOpera Party in March 2024.

Your tax deductible donation will help to ensure that artists are compensated for their time and talent, that MassOpera creates new stories and new experiences, and that MassOpera advocates for and presents more diverse representation on stage and off.  We look forward to our upcoming season in 2024, including a new presentation of The Mirror Cabaret in May, and our Pride Trivia Cabaret in June!


Champion: $5,000 +
Advocate: $2,500-$4,999
Benefactor: $1,000-$2,499
Patron: $500-$999
Supporter: $250-$499
Enthusiast: $100-$249
Friend: Up to $99

Donate by Mail
You can make all checks out to MassOpera and mail to:
c/o William Neely
16 1/2 Hancock Street, Unit 2
Salem, MA 01970
Donate Online
MassOpera is a tax exempt charity under IRS code section 501(c)3, Tax ID #37-1649578

DONORS FROM SEPTEMBER 1st, 2023 to APRIL 7th, 2024

+ Denotes a Recurring Monthly Donor

CHAMPION – $5,000 +

John Carey

Opera America – New Repertoire Development Grant

ADVOCATE – $2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous +
Jeffrey T. Candiello
Tito’s Vodka

BENEFACTOR – $1,000 – $2,499

Wayne Malloy
William Neely
Andrea Olmstead
Jim Vernon

PATRON – $500 – $999

Sharon Jusczak
Ulysses Thomas
Kris and John VanOpdorp

SUPPORTER – $250 – $499

Carlos Aznarez
Larry Bell
Mary Collins
Christine Goodrum
Betsy Gibson
Ian Kemp
Terrence Kenealy
Peter Konrad
Yan Lian
Dr. Edward Nardell
Joel Nolan
Eric Perkins-Argueta
Russell Plato
Gary Sherr
Dan Tomasik +
Gerald Williams

ENTHUSIAST – $100 – $249

Isabel Aznarez
Bryon Bee
Michael Bell
Alan and Lisa Bensen
Michael Bobbitt
Andre Campagna
Carolyn Candiello
Gary Casagrande
Galvin Chow
Arturo Fernandez
Mary Flynn
Philip Lima
Lisa Loveland
Honor McClellan +
Megan Newhouse
Jo-Anna Rapp Holden
Ronald Rosen
William Sano
Arnold Schnitzer
Leslie Schulz
Sarah Sekula
Michael Sullivan

FRIEND – Up to $99

Johanna Biviano
David Brown
Charlea Disston
Michael Feloni
Pamela Feo
Virginia Fitzgerald
D’Anna Fortunato
James Giessler
Wen Gu
Hubert Ho
Roberta Hodson
Brenda Huggins
Ryan Landry
Kathryn McKellar
Hilary Poriss
Ryan Suleiman

MassOpera cultivates experiences for artists and audiences that challenge the status quo and reflect our diverse community.


Are you seeking to support a grass-roots performing arts non-profit organization, while also gaining exposure for your company or employer? MassOpera has a variety of sponsorship opportunities in the areas of performance, education and fundraising events. Look below to see how your sponsorship can make a difference for artists and audiences alike!  Click the purple text below to read about each sponsorship opportunity.

– Season Sponsor: $25,000 (1 Available for our 2024/2025 Season)

– Production Sponsor: $10,000 (1 available Spring 2025)

– Individual Performance Sponsors: $1,000 (6 available Spring 2025)

– Mirror Cabaret Sponsor: $5,000 (1 available May 2024)

– Artist Development Sponsor: $3,000 (1 available for 2024/2025 Season)

– Vocal Competition Sponsor: $5,000 (1 available Spring 2025)

– Education and Engagement Sponsor: $3,000 (1 available for 2024/2025 Season)

– The MassOpera Party Sponsor: $5,000 (1 available November 2024)

– Trivia Cabaret Sponsor: $1,000 (1 available June 2024)

For more inquiries and more information contact MassOpera Director Executive Director William Neely at [email protected].

Join Our Team!

MassOpera cultivates experiences for artists and audiences that challenge the status quo and reflect our diverse community.


There are three major ways you can get involved with MassOpera:

  • BOARD: Are you interested in becoming a leader and visionary for a small non-profit arts organization, one that stands on the pillar of opera and looks to expand the definition of what an opera company is and can produce? Then consider joining our Board of Directors and help steward MassOpera into the future!
  • STAFF: Are you interested in honing your skills as a non-profit administrator? Do you wish to sink your teeth into the areas of Development, Marketing, Events, Operations? Consider joining our staff and work with MassOpera to develop your skills to bring you to the next level of your career.
  • VOLUNTEER: Do you want to give back a forward thinking arts organization, but don’t have the commitment of time to serve as a staff or board member? Consider volunteering at one of our performances and/or events.
For more information contact MassOpera Director of Operations and Administration Brynne Pulver at [email protected].


16 1/2 HANCOCK ST., UNIT. 2
SALEM, MA 01970

978 210 2709
[email protected]

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