We will support the writing and development of new chamber operas with the intention of broadening the new American canon.  Through NOW we aim to further these goals by:

  1. Exploring innovative ways of storytelling
  2. Requiring a majority of roles be for women, including a broad variety of roles for diverse women

We will foster a process-driven opera development experience, supported by a collaborative team of performers, artistic and production personnel.


MassOpera and OperaHub are teaming up to provide resources and a structured process for creators of new operas, that reflect the above stated goals.  We believe that the capacity of art to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our world is immeasurably important.  Through the stories we tell, whether it be an opera, a painting, or podcast, we experience life differently; perhaps more deeply.  For that reason we are focusing our efforts in developing strong libretti through the first stage of NOW. We see the development of strong libretti, and the resources to hear drafts of musical material through all phases of creation, as weak spots in the current opera development landscape in the U.S.  Therefore, we want to identify projects that show potential for a strong narrative, and creators who value an intentional process. Each process will be created for, and respond to, the unique needs for each particular project.  We hope to not only make new opera, but to create a new process through which opera is made.  Through NOW you will be in dialogue with directors, dramaturgs, singers, instrumentalists, and producers. We will provide creative teams with performer resources and structured feedback sessions, at critical inflection points in the writing process. We will commit to one stage of development for the chosen project(s), after which we will discuss the possibility of continuing onto the following stage(s).

Through NOW, MassOpera and OperaHub hope to mount at least one fully-staged production.  For all accepted projects we will work with our professional networks to help foster additional development opportunities and productions.